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Safety Nugget Week of February 5 - National Burn Awareness Week

Feb 05, 2018

This week (first full week of February) is National Burn Awareness Week in the United States. Let's look at some quick facts about burn injuries:

Safety Nugget Week of January 22 - Winter Driving Tips

Jan 24, 2018

Last week we had a blast of winter weather. We have two miles of county roads to travel before getting to a major highway. We don't get much traffic on our road so ice can build up pretty quickly. The propane man learned this the hard way. He was stuck in our ditch until a wrecker could come and pull him out.

Safety Nugget Week of January 15 - Total Safety Culture

Jan 18, 2018

Injuries are now the number 3 causes of death in the US. Just a reminder to all of us that a Total Safety Culture is necessary for Safety to take hold in or lives. One cannot be only safe at work or at home. One needs to be always safe. The attached article illustrates this very well

Safety Nugget Week of January 8 - Mental Health Awareness

Jan 08, 2018

Mental health is starting to get more and more focus in the country. Mental health issues can cause daily struggles in a person's personal and professional life. They are a common problem that are frequently misunderstood. Often major improvements can be made after one gets the help he or she needs.

Safety Nugget Week of December 25 - GFCIs keep you safe while doing outdoor chores

Dec 27, 2017

When we have time during the holidays, we usually get those outdoor chores done. Unfortunately, the outdoors can hold many dangers. One of those is mixing damp conditions and electricity. If you plan on using electrical equipment while you work outside, it is important that your equipment is plugged in to a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI).

Safety Nugget Week of December 18 - Holiday Electric Safety

Dec 18, 2017

The winter holiday season is a festive and eventful time of year that traditionally includes notable increases in lights, colorful decorations, celebrations, family gatherings. Thus, an increase in the usage of electricals and potential safety hazards.

Safety Nugget Week of December 11 - Mindfulness and Safety

Dec 11, 2017

I waited until the coldest weekend to put lights up on our house. As I stood on the ladder, I kept looking at my neighbors' lights on their houses, thinking about my chores list, and attaching light clips to the house. I was definitely distracted. After I dropped my third or fourth clip, I realized that I needed to stop letting my mind wander and focus on the task at hand.

Safety Nugget Week of December 4 - Death by Christmas Decoration

Dec 04, 2017

A 59-year-old Washington Township died Sunday after he fell from the roof of his house while putting up Christmas lights, authorities said today.

Safety Nugget Week of November 13 - Online Shopping

Nov 13, 2017

It is almost Thanksgiving. This year I am hosting Thanksgiving at my house. This also means I will be participating in Black Friday shopping with my relatives. I rarely buy anything but I do love to see the chaos in the stores.

Safety Nugget Week of November 6 - Driving at Night in Deer Country

Nov 09, 2017

Automobile and deer collisions are a frequent but dangerous event on US roads they are devastating to the deer pf course but can also be lethal for drivers. Here are some pointers to reduce your chances of hitting a deer

Safety Nugget Week of October 23 - Halloween Safety

Oct 27, 2017

Halloween should be filled with surprise and enjoyment, and following some common-sense practices can keep events safer and more fun.

Safety Nugget Week of October 16 - How to Make Your Furniture Safe for Kids

Oct 17, 2017

I just heard this heartbreaking news yesterday "Jozef Dudek had just been put down for a nap at home in Buena Park, Calif., when his father went to check on him - and made a horrifying discovery: The 2-year-old was crushed under an Ikea dresser and could not be revived." Many of us have lovely kids or grandkids at home, and no one wants them to be in such danger. I find the following tips that may be helpful:

Safety Nugget Week of October 2 - Most Dangerous Place For Eyes

Oct 03, 2017

Safety Nugget Week of September 25 - Airplane Seat Position

Sep 28, 2017

When traveling with airplane, before taking off and/or landing, flight attendants always ask passengers to put seat back into its upright (uncomfortable) position.

Safety Nuggett Week of September 18 - Fine-Tune Interim PSM Audits

Sep 14, 2017

Fine-Tune Interim PSM Audits: