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February 15, 2017 - Webinar Registration< Back to News

Jan 10, 2017

Registration for the February 15, 2017 Webinar is now open!


Energy Conservation in Distillation and Separation Systems

Distillation consumes a measurable fraction of the world’s energy consumption, and despite its inherently low thermodynamic efficiency, is likely to continue to do so for the foreseeable future.  A crucial part of improving the situation is an improved understanding of the problem, and at the same time, gaining an understanding as to why progress in energy reduction has been slow.  There are a number of methods that can be applied to reduce energy as well as capital intensity in the distillation and separation landscape, both for new (grass roots installations) as well as in existing applications, and both aspects of these issues will be discussed in this webinar. Some examples that will be discussed are Petlyuk columns, dividing wall columns, hybrid separations, and a number of other alternative configurations.


About the Speaker: John Pendergast

John Pendergast recently retired from Dow Chemical as a Senior Fellow in Oil and Gas, with over thirty nine years of broad process research and process engineering leadership across diverse technologies.  John began his career in research, and then served in manufacturing as Project Manager, then as the Lead Process Engineer for several large grass roots manufacturing facilities across the company.

John’s areas of interest and expertise include distillation synthesis and optimization, rate based mass transfer models, hybrid unit operations, reactive distillation, and membrane separations. He presently serves on the National AIChE Awards Committee, and has co-chaired the AIChE Southwest Process Technology Conference, Chemical Process Technology Section, for several years. Externally, John served as vice-president of Fractionation Research for the Dow Chemical Company, as well as earlier serving as the Dow representative on the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC).

Details and Registration

The webinar includes a 45 minute presentation followed by a 15 minute Q&A.

To register for the February 15, 2017 webinar, use the button below to choose either 10:00 am CDT or 8:00 pm CDT, whichever is more convenient. An email with log-in instructions will be sent to the email address provided.

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