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Nov 22, 2017


Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is with great pleasure that I can tell you that we have finalized a Research Collaboration Agreement with Tianjin University in China.  Tianjin is the pre-eminent Distillation Research Facility in Asia and is consistently ranked in the top ten schools in Chemical Engineering programs worldwide by US News and World Report. At FRI, we are very fortunate to have them as our partners.  This Agreement enhances the capability of FRI significantly without an outlay of capital and a very moderate operating cost.  The joint projects will be under direct supervision of FRI staff and governed by the same rules as all other FRI work. Safety sign-off from FRI will be required.  The Technical Committee will be in charge of assigning projects to Tianjin University and Ken McCarley, FRI Technical Director, with his staff, will be responsible for delivery.

So, next steps:

  1. Ken and Tony to distribute the pamphlet with Tianjin research equipment capabilities to all membership
  2. The TC to start considering which projects to direct to the collaboration (I would expect to have at least two running by next year so not to lose momentum)
  3. TAC to receive a detailed briefing next time we meet
  4. Management of the Agreement to be jointly done by Jeanifer and Ken with their staff.

I believe this can be a watermark event for FRI, as we endeavor strategically to improve our position where our growth is coming from, in Asia, and to improve our capabilities in a financially responsible manner.

So, let us all welcome our new partners and enjoy Thanksgiving!


FRI President