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Jan 17, 2018

In accordance with FRI's strategic goal to increase the professional profile of FRI researchers in the industry, we are pleased to announce that several members of our staff were recently recognized for their contributions. 
Dr. Tony Cai – Tony has accepted an invitation to be a Guest Member of the European Federation of Chemical Engineering (EFCE) Working Party on Fluid Separations (WPFS).  WPFS is a technical forum for practitioners and researchers in the fields of distillation, absorption and extraction.  Tony is also part of the Scientific Committee for the 2018 Distillation and Absorption meeting. 
Mr. Jose Bravo – Jose has accepted a position as Adjunct Professor to Tianjin University.  Tianjin University is the first modern university in Chinese history. Since the 1950s, it has become one of the best technology universities in China. Chemical engineering disciplines in Tianjin University are supporting the biggest chemical engineering programs and enjoy the highest prestige in China’s recent history.  Adjunct Professors from all over the world make significant contributions in enhancing international communications and collaborations of Tianjin University.  FRI and Tianjin University recently signed a research collaboration agreement.  This Agreement enhances the capability of FRI significantly without an outlay of capital and a very moderate operating cost.
Drs. Anand Vennavelli and Chao Wang – Anand and Chao recently received their Outstanding Researcher approval notices from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service.  To achieve this distinction, you must demonstrate international recognition for outstanding achievements in a particular field.  In addition to the prestige that comes with this distinction, Anand and Chao can now pursue a fast-track process to obtain permanent resident status in the United States.
Congratulations to Tony, Jose, Anand and Chao.