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Safety Nugget Week of September 10 - What to Do If Your Car Breaks Down On the Highway

Sep 10, 2018

You are driving down the highway when suddenly you have car trouble. What to do? Here are a few tips when your car breaks down or has a flat tire on the highway:

Safety Nugget Week Of September 3 - Food Safety

Sep 05, 2018

What did you bring for lunch today? And where have you stored your lunch until it's time to eat it?

Safety Nugget Week of August 20 - Dog Bite Prevention

Aug 28, 2018

A couple weeks ago I went with our daughter and grandkids to a birthday party. It was at a home and the party was concentrated outside. In the back yard there was a Great Pyrenees on chain. Most of the time he was just lounging under a tree but he did play with some boys off and on. The boys gave the dog a large bone which immediately he took back to his tree. A little later our granddaughter Ella made her way out to the dog. I watched from the porch about 25 feet away. She walked up to it slowly, petted it, and then leaned down to pick up the bone. In a moment the dog's behavior changed. It started guarding the bone. I yelled Ella's name and she quickly came to me crying. I think she could tell from my voice that she was in danger.

Safety Nugget Week of August 13 - Cotton Mouth Attack

Aug 13, 2018

I recently became aware of an activity called "noodling" that is popular in Oklahoma. Sounded awesomely strange to me.

Safety Nugget Week of August 6 - How to Determine the Risk of Lyme Disease Infection from Ticks

Aug 06, 2018

Safety Nugget Week of July 23 - Air Conditioner Safety

Jul 23, 2018

Safety Nugget Week of July 16 - UV Radiation Safety

Jul 16, 2018

July is UV Safety Month, so here is an infographic with some sun safety tips!

Safety Nugget Week of July 8 - Working in Summer Heat

Jul 13, 2018

The hot days of summer are here. Throughout the country, thousands of employees who work outdoors face the potential dangers associated with overexposure to heat. Factors such as working in direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity, physical exertion and lack of sufficient water intake can lead to heat stress.

Safety Nugget Week of July 2 - 4th of July Celebration Safety

Jul 02, 2018

I hosted a 4th of July gathering a couple years ago that included setting off home fireworks. Being outside city limits, our neighborhood had several houses that were doing the same. We noticed the neighbors a couple houses over setting out their impressive collection of fireworks on a large table. It wasn't long after the fireworks started at the different houses that we heard some yelling and looked over to watch as all of the fireworks that had been stored on their table went off at the same time. Nobody got hurt and that was a good outcome for the dangerous situation.

Safety Nugget Week of June 25 - Lightning Safety - Myths and Facts

Jun 25, 2018

Working outside during a storm can be dangerous. How well do you know the dangers of lightning? Check your knowledge against these lightning myths courtesy of NOAA

Safety Nugget Week of June 18 - Teens Health

Jun 18, 2018

Recently my 12-year-old had a bicycle wreck on a gravel road. A few hours and a few stitches later, we thought everything was okay. He was put on an antibiotic for a precaution. The next morning, he was unable to lift his leg off the bed. His knee was hurting terribly. So, the second evening in the ER and a second stronger antibiotic we thought now everything will be okay. Wrong. Two days later we were at a third appointment and he was admitted in the hospital for a couple nights. Everyone should know the signs of infection when to follow up with your doctor.

Safety Nugget Week of June 11 - Combat Computer Vision Syndrome

Jun 11, 2018

Maybe your job requires hours of work at a computer. Maybe you like to spend your free time surfin' the Net. Whatever the reason, your body is feeling the effects of spending too much time logged on-dry eyes, tired eyes, headaches, neck pain, blurred vision. Luckily, help is on the way.

Safety Nugget Week of June 4 - Safety at the Beach

Jun 05, 2018

Many of us will be spending time at the beach this summer. One pf the dangers in the surf is riptides. They are currents that form at the beach and flow away from the beach. They are caused by multiple factors and can appear suddenly.

Safety Nugget - Be Deliberate about Managing the Hazards of Transferring Fuels and Chemicals

May 31, 2018

A news article, below, reminded me of the hazards that occur during transport and transfer of flammable liquids and chemicals. Transferring products is inherently hazardous because of the opportunity for:

Safety Nugget Week of May 28 - Too Much Sun

May 29, 2018

As we enter into in the summer months, it is important to remember to safeguard yourself from the harmful effects of sun exposure. Sun burns are a fast and obvious sign of too much sun. Later in life, skin cancer and cataracts can result. According to the center for disease control, skin cancer is the most common type of cancer.