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FRI Blog

Safety Nugget Week of January 21 - Safety Talk

Jan 23, 2019

Talk to tour family about safety. Engaging your spouse in safety conversations is fun and very productive. It drives a safety culture that is valuable to them everywhere they go. These conversations also create a team feeling to look after each other. You can leverage all the training you receive at work.

Safety Nugget Week of December 24 - Holiday Safety

Dec 21, 2018

To have happy and safe holidays, following are a few holiday safety tips:

Safety Nugget Week of December 17 - Have a Safe and Happy Holidays!

Dec 18, 2018

The holiday season is here, and we're excited to share in the holiday spirit! It's easy to get caught up in the festivities, and while you're busy decorating the house, safety may be one of the last things on your mind.

Safety Nugget Week of November 19 - Rethink Your Drink

Nov 19, 2018

As FRI is moving into keeping their employees healthy, there is also another important message to share: it's time to rethink your drink! We know that many people, including kids, struggle with their weight and how to eat more healthfully. But did you know that cutting out sugar-sweetened drinks is an easy way to eliminate extra sugar and empty calories from your diet? Consuming too much sugar also directly contributes to weight problems in children and adults alike. In fact, many health professionals point to soft drinks, sodas, sports drinks, and juices as major sources of excess calories and weight gain, even among kids. And because you don't feel as full from drinking a beverage as you would from eating the same number of calories in a meal, you may take in more calories from the sugar before you feel full. Even 100 percent fruit juice has a lot of calories from sugar, so it's best to drink only one serving a day of juice. Mostly, when you can, reach for water first! It's your best no-calorie, healthy beverage choice all the time.

Safety Nugget Week of November 5 - Stroke Symptoms

Nov 05, 2018

My mom called last week and was telling me a story of the previous evening. She received a call from her neighbor who thought someone was inside her house. She asked my mother to come over and help her. When my mother got to her house, the neighbor was alone but there was obviously something wrong. She couldn't figure out what it was. She thought of a stroke but the neighbor had no slurred speech so she dismissed that, helped her check out the house and got her back to bed. When she called to check on her the following morning she found out she was in the hospital from a stroke.

Safety Nugget Week of October 29 - Halloween Safety

Oct 29, 2018

As you go home tonight, be extra careful to watch for little goblins, witches, super heroes, etc.

Safety Nugget Week of October 22 - Safety-Health with Mobile Devices

Oct 22, 2018

We are all "addicted" to our mobile devices in one way or another. There are two health/safety issues, among many others, that are pet peeves of mine:

Safety Nugget Week of October 15 - Avoid a Potential Tire Blowout

Oct 16, 2018

Sometimes tire blowouts are unavoidable. However, there are some actions we can take to reduce the likelihood of the unfortunate event from taking place.
We recently had a strong cold front make its way through Oklahoma. As the temperature decreases, the air pressure in your tire decreases. With large temperature drops, a tire that was on the lower limit of being properly inflated at 80 °F will no longer be at 35 °F. An underinflated tire will experience more friction between the tire and the road leading to increased wear and potentially a blowout.
If you haven't already, check the tires on your family's vehicles at your next opportunity.

Safety Nugget Week of October 1 - Pedestrian Safety

Oct 08, 2018

Pedestrian safety affects the entire community and everybody. There were 5,987 pedestrian fatalities in the United States in 2016 according to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). No matter if we are a pedestrian or a driver, it is extremely important for us to raise awareness of the dangers to pedestrians. Following are some tips for pedestrian safety:

Safety Nugget Week of September 24 - Seasonal Shifts: How to Prepare Your Body for Fall

Sep 26, 2018

As the temperature starts to fall, colorful leaves of autumn start to appear, and the rituals of a new school year get underway, you may notice summer is over. It is not uncommon for your body to experience changes with the seasons: Aches, pains, trouble sleeping, allergies and other issues can surface.

Safety Nugget Week of September 10 - What to Do If Your Car Breaks Down On the Highway

Sep 10, 2018

You are driving down the highway when suddenly you have car trouble. What to do? Here are a few tips when your car breaks down or has a flat tire on the highway:

Safety Nugget Week Of September 3 - Food Safety

Sep 05, 2018

What did you bring for lunch today? And where have you stored your lunch until it's time to eat it?

Safety Nugget Week of August 20 - Dog Bite Prevention

Aug 28, 2018

A couple weeks ago I went with our daughter and grandkids to a birthday party. It was at a home and the party was concentrated outside. In the back yard there was a Great Pyrenees on chain. Most of the time he was just lounging under a tree but he did play with some boys off and on. The boys gave the dog a large bone which immediately he took back to his tree. A little later our granddaughter Ella made her way out to the dog. I watched from the porch about 25 feet away. She walked up to it slowly, petted it, and then leaned down to pick up the bone. In a moment the dog's behavior changed. It started guarding the bone. I yelled Ella's name and she quickly came to me crying. I think she could tell from my voice that she was in danger.

Safety Nugget Week of August 13 - Cotton Mouth Attack

Aug 13, 2018

I recently became aware of an activity called "noodling" that is popular in Oklahoma. Sounded awesomely strange to me.

Safety Nugget Week of August 6 - How to Determine the Risk of Lyme Disease Infection from Ticks

Aug 06, 2018