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Safety Nugget Week of August 13 - Cotton Mouth Attack

Aug 13, 2018

I recently became aware of an activity called "noodling" that is popular in Oklahoma. Sounded awesomely strange to me.

Safety Nugget Week of June 4 - Safety at the Beach

Jun 05, 2018

Many of us will be spending time at the beach this summer. One pf the dangers in the surf is riptides. They are currents that form at the beach and flow away from the beach. They are caused by multiple factors and can appear suddenly.

Safety Nugget Week of March 26 - Car Battery Safety

Mar 26, 2018

I recently had to replace a battery in a car. A routine thing and one of the very few mechanical operations I can manage. I have long realized that there is risk in doing this but for the first time I actually did a safety review of the operation and I ran across this snippet on the web:

Safety Nugget Week of January 15 - Total Safety Culture

Jan 18, 2018

Injuries are now the number 3 causes of death in the US. Just a reminder to all of us that a Total Safety Culture is necessary for Safety to take hold in or lives. One cannot be only safe at work or at home. One needs to be always safe. The attached article illustrates this very well

Safety Nugget Week of September 4 - Products of Distillation

Sep 07, 2017


Safety Nugget Week of June 5 - Distracted Driving

Jun 06, 2017