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Safety Focus of Week February 4 - Safety Glasses

Feb 05, 2019

My 13-year-old recently discovered woodworking and received a scroll saw for Christmas. We got the saw all put together and I captured this fist cut with it. After snapping the picture, I showed it to him and pointed out that he needs safety glasses as well as taking the time to think about what he is wearing while using this, or any other power tool. I urge everyone to take the opportunities to point out to our family the safety hazards we see in everyday life.

Safety Nugget Week of November 5 - Stroke Symptoms

Nov 05, 2018

My mom called last week and was telling me a story of the previous evening. She received a call from her neighbor who thought someone was inside her house. She asked my mother to come over and help her. When my mother got to her house, the neighbor was alone but there was obviously something wrong. She couldn't figure out what it was. She thought of a stroke but the neighbor had no slurred speech so she dismissed that, helped her check out the house and got her back to bed. When she called to check on her the following morning she found out she was in the hospital from a stroke.

Safety Nugget Week of June 18 - Teens Health

Jun 18, 2018

Recently my 12-year-old had a bicycle wreck on a gravel road. A few hours and a few stitches later, we thought everything was okay. He was put on an antibiotic for a precaution. The next morning, he was unable to lift his leg off the bed. His knee was hurting terribly. So, the second evening in the ER and a second stronger antibiotic we thought now everything will be okay. Wrong. Two days later we were at a third appointment and he was admitted in the hospital for a couple nights. Everyone should know the signs of infection when to follow up with your doctor.

Safety Nugget Week of August 28 - Back to School

Aug 30, 2017


Safety Nugget Week of June 19 - Dry Drowning

Jun 19, 2017

Safety Nugget Week of April 10- Be Alert ... Be Safe

Apr 12, 2017

Safety Nugget Week of January 30 - Stairwell Safety

Jan 31, 2017

Safety Nugget Week of November 22 - Drug Overdose Safety

Nov 22, 2016

We recently voted on the topic of how to deal with drug related crimes in Oklahoma. I don't want to get into how you voted. But I would like take a moment to remind everyone to clean out their medicine cabinet and destroy any unused prescription pain killers. Keeping these medications out of the reach of others is extremely important.

Safety Nugget week of August 22 - Active Shooter Preparedess

Aug 25, 2016

Last week my husband told me about a safety lunch and learn he had been to that day. The Washington County Sheriff's office had come in and talked about Active Shooter Preparedness. Deputies went through several scenarios for public locations and at home. The US Department of Homeland Security says, "Active shooter incidents, in many cases, have no pattern or method to the selection of victims, which results in an unpredictable and evolving situation." The Department of Homeland Security has a short informative video available. According to the government Planning and Response to an Active Shooter guide, staff members should be trained to:

Safety Nugget Week of April 11 - Have a Healthy Summer....While Picnicking

Apr 15, 2016

I was looking for supporting information about keeping food safe while picnicking. But then I stumbled upon an article about using public picnic tables. I had never thought about this before and was really pretty disgusted while reading it. I know at home I wipe the table down after a meal with disinfectant spray but never thought about it when I go for a picnic. Boy, I will now. Keep reading to see what I learned.

Safety Nugget Week of February 15 - Sunburn Prevention

Feb 18, 2016

Safety Nugget Week of December 7 - Flu Shot Reminder

Dec 14, 2015

FRI will reimburse each employee for his/her vaccination. So please stop by your local Walgreens or Doctors office and get vaccinated today. Make sure to get a receipt and take it into Yvonne for reimbursement.

Safety Nugget Week of October 5 - Fire Prevention Week: Space Heaters

Oct 07, 2015

I love Fall! Everything about the season is great. It's a time for football, crock pot cooking and chilly weather. This time of year calls for the heater of a morning but the AC in the afternoon. If you use a space heater instead of changing the thermostat in the house, or possibly one in your garage or workshop, please keep in mind the rules of safety. The NFPA states that spaces heaters are the cause of approximately 1/3 of household fires. Here are a few simple rules I found.

Safety Nugget Week of August 3 - Drug Interactions: What You Should Know

Aug 12, 2015

Did you know that over the counter vitamins that are said to be healthy for you and even food can have an effect on medications you already take?

Safety Nugget Week of June 8 - Smoke Alarms

Jun 18, 2015

Every morning I turn on Channel 6 news and listen while getting ready for my day. It is quite shocking how many house fire reports say there was no working smoke alarm. I try to remember to change my smoke alarm batteries at daylight savings times of spring forward and fall back but sometimes life gets hectic and it's easy to forget.

Safety Nugget for Week of April 13 - Distracted Driving

May 12, 2015

What is distracted driving? Distracted driving occurs any time you take your eyes off the road, your hands off the wheel, and your mind off your primary task: driving safely. Any non-driving activity you engage in is a potential distraction and increases your risk of being involved in a motor vehicle crash.