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Paul Steacy Retirement

Aug 12, 2016

FRI would like to recognize Mr. Paul Steacy for his contributions and thank him for his time and support. Paul was elected Chairman of the FRI Technical Committees (TC & TAC) in 1995 and served in this capacity until this summer.

Visitors Are Welcome

Feb 24, 2015

At FRI, we love visitors! Over the years, we've had Members, potential Members, university students and other colleagues tour our facilities. If you have not been on a tour of our facilities recently, here is a look at what you can expect to see.

Summer Heat Approaches - Are You Ready?

Jul 01, 2014

Summer officially started on June 21, 2014 and the temperatures around the nation are starting to climb. It's time to start thinking about the dangers of heat stress for our employees.

Kettle Reboiler Symposium - October 2, 2013 - Galveston, TX

Sep 24, 2013

FRI's kettle reboiler now has four windows on it. This reboiler is routinely run at pressures ranging from 75 mmHga to 165 psia.

Member Appreciation

Aug 20, 2013

Here at FRI we love our Members! Without Members our company could not operate. We love the participation and expertise we receive from our Members. We appreciate the Member participation at the various meetings throughout the year. For the last 60+ years, we have greatly enjoyed growing along with our Members to provide a research consortium that benefits all involved. At this point though, we would like to get to know our Members even better. What inspired your company to become a Member of FRI? What benefits do you gain on a daily basis from FRI information? Would you recommend FRI to other companies, if so why? Please give us your feedback, after all its all about the Members!!