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DRP-Lite. DRP-Plus. The New Additions to FRI Software!< Back to Blog

Jun 05, 2013
By: T. Cai

At the May 2013 Annual Meeting in Baltimore, Marlyand, USA,  the preliminary versions of DRP-Lite and DRP-Plus were shown at both the Technical Committee and Technical Advisory Committee meetings.  FRI Members were very pleased and excited to see the new additions to the FRI Device Rating Program (DRP). The DRP-Lite will include simple literature correlations for the tray, random and structured packings.  We are happy to announce that this version is for public use.  We hope to see chemical engineering students using DRP-Lite in their studies! The DRP-Plus is for FRI Member use only.  For each distillation device, in addition to the premier FRI models, the DRP-Plus will also include many different literature correlations.