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Kettle Reboiler Symposium - October 2, 2013 - Galveston, TX< Back to Blog

Sep 24, 2013
By: M. Resetarits
Categories: Members Meetings

FRI’s kettle reboiler now has four windows on it.  This reboiler is routinely run at pressures ranging from 75 mmHga to 165 psia.

Using those windows, data have been collected regarding boiling pool levels and maximum vapor velocities (the points where the liquid entrainment becomes excessive).

Additionally, on several occasions, this reboiler has been run in thermosiphon mode with surprising results.  Also, it is now known how to interpret gamma scans of vapor product lines.

These issues and other operation and maintenance issues will be discussed at an all-day symposium in Galveston on October 2, 2013.  Sorry, this symposium is for FRI Members only.  If you want to know if your company is an FRI Member and/or if you are interested in attending this symposium, please contact Mandy Simms at


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