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Safety Focus of Week February 4 - Gloves Safety< Back to Blog

Feb 04, 2019
By: K. McCarley
Categories: Safety

Gloves Wear Out Where You Need Them Most

I have to report a first aid incident that I experienced at home.  I burned my finger while removing a thermocouple from meat in my smoker.  I was wearing gloves but there was a hole in the tip of the index finger, right where I grabbed a hot thermocouple. 

As the sting wore off, I realized that the small hole in my glove was in a spot where I needed the most protection.  It makes sense, right? 

Be sure to check the condition of you gloves regularly.  Through them out if they are damaged.  Even if they just have a small hole.

Did you know that hand injuries make up one out five debilitating injuries?


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