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Safety Focus of Week January 28 - Intervention< Back to Blog

Jan 28, 2019
By: J. Randall
Categories: Safety


This year we are celebrating our 21st anniversary in our home.  A lot has changed on our road.  New houses have been built and more cut-through and bicycle traffic.  What hasn’t changed is the condition of the road.  It is still a two-lane road without a shoulder, very narrow in parts, very dark at night, large drop offs in some areas, and animals constantly crossing it. 

Recently a company has been running new overhead lines.  They are using a bucket truck like the one pictured below.  The second picture is an area of the road they were located.  The red X marks where they were located and their truck was facing in the opposite direction of my truck in the picture.  As I approached the truck from behind it was impossible to see if any cars were coming in the other lane.  No one was outside the truck to direct traffic.  I was able to slowly approach and get next to the bucket truck.  I explained that it impossible to see if any cars were in the opposite lane and encouraged them to have someone direct traffic.  A few days later, I approached them behind again and they waved me around.  Still room for improvement in my opinion but better than passing blindly. 



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