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Safety Focus of Week July 15 - Never say “no” to a Job Safety Analysis!< Back to Blog

Jul 15, 2019
By: K. McCarley
Categories: Safety


The Job Safety Analysis (JSA) is a standard tool used to improve workplace safety in industry.  A proper JSA outlies the steps required to complete a task or project, Identify potential hazards and implement safeguards.  No task is too small for a JSA, especially if

  • The task has not been done previously, or it is not done frequently
  • An employee or has not completed this task or procedure in the past
  • There is potential for severe injuries, or damage to equipment
  • New hazards have been identified
  • Injuries or hazards have been noted int the past (e.g. A near miss was reported)

Old JSA’s should be filed and accessible because they make great references when a job, or similar situation, is encountered in the future.  It’s good practice to refresh the discussion on a JSA even if a job has become routine, because new hazards may have been observed along the way and there may be ideas for new and improved safeguards.

If someone asks,” should we do a JSA?”  They have some doubt about the procedures, hazards involved or they are uncomfortable about some aspect of the job.  This is especially true if they have never been involved in this particular task.  It is always worthwhile to refresh the discussion around the procedures, potential hazards and safeguards to be implemented.  Never turn down the opportunity to complete a JSA before beginning work.    


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