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Safety Focus of Week July 22 - Heat Safety, Weather and Cognitive Performance< Back to Blog

Jul 22, 2019
By: T. Cai
Categories: Safety


I hope everybody is enjoying the sub 60’s temperatures this week.  Unfortunately, such nice weather will not last very long in Oklahoma summer.  Forecast indicates that the temperature next week will be at high 90’s and even above 100 degree with high humidity. The FRI experimental unit will be on revamp next week so a lot of us will be working outside for a long period.  Just a quick reminder of staying safe in the heat, being aware of the dangers associated with high temperature, recognizing signs of heat-related illness, allowing for ample breaks out of heat, and most importantly, being hydrated all the time. 

On the heat safety related topic, I recently came across an interesting article about how weather influences brain.  One of the findings is that there is a decline in cognitive performance under hot climates, such as the decline of attention and concentration level etc.

If you are interested, more details on this study can be found in the link below:

Think Safe, Be Safe, Stay Safe.  


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