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Safety Focus of Week March 18 - High Winds Safety< Back to Blog

Mar 18, 2019
By: T. Cai
Categories: Safety


 The ‘Bomb Cyclone’ about two weeks ago reminded us how dangerous high winds could be.  Severe wind storms are dangerous and difficult to predict with some gusts coming with little or no warning. 

Following are a few reminders about simple safety tips during the high winds.

  • Indoor is the safest place during high winds so trying to postpone outdoor activities if a wind advisory or high wind warning has been issued.
  • If you are caught outside during high winds, seek the safest building or shelter possible
  • Watch for flying debris
  • Stay away from a downed power line, and report downed lines to your local utility emergency center and/or the police
  • If you are driving, slow down and keep both hands on the wheel, and watch for objects blowing across the roadway. If winds make the driving difficult, consider pulling onto the shoulder or into a parking lot and remaining in your vehicle while waiting for the winds to diminish 

Think Safe, Work Safe, Be Safe and Stay Safe!



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