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Safety Focus - Storm season - What’s Your Plan?< Back to Blog

May 14, 2021
By: J. Randall
Categories: Safety

What’s Your Plan?

Storm season is here, so where will you go when the sirens sound? Kelli Cain, public information manager for the Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management says you can never be too prepared. A few reminders:

  • Plan ahead. Make sure your family knows exactly where you will take shelter.
  • Prepare an emergency kit with supplies such as a first aid kit, drinking water, flashlight and batteries, non-perishable snacks, an emergency radio, and tools such as a crowbar, jack, or spreader if you need to pry open the shelter door. Store the kit in your shelter, so you always have it.
  • Register your shelter location with your local fire department, local emergency managers and family members. 
  • Never leave your home in the middle of a storm. Many people suffer serious injuries trying to flee at the last minute.

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