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Safety Nugget for Week of June 1 - Turn Around Don't Drown< Back to Blog

Jun 04, 2015
By: A. Vennavelli
Categories: Safety

The month of May had one of the highest rainfall totals in Oklahoma and Texas.

May 2015 was the wettest month on record in Oklahoma City.

Fortunately for the Southern states, the pattern has taken a turn toward dry and should remain that way for the next few days.

However, the Climate Prediction Center’s one- and three-month outlook call for wetter-than-average conditions across the South and Southeast as El Niño builds, which means Texas and Oklahoma might not be out of the woods just yet. (

Any time there is heavy rain in your area, be sure to follow these simple safety rules:

  • Listen to NOAA Weather Radio for current and forecasted conditions in your area.
  • If flooding begins in your area, go to higher ground immediately.
  • When driving, always be aware that the road bed under flood waters may be severely damaged. NEVER drive through flooded roadways. Remember that it takes only two feet of water to carry away a vehicle, including pickups and SUVs.
  • When walking, do not attempt to cross flowing streams. Remember that it takes only six inches of rushing water to knock an adult off his feet.
  • If your vehicle stalls, get out immediately and go to higher ground.
  • Be extra cautious at night, when it is harder to see possible flood dangers.

These four words could save your life: TURN AROUND, DON’T DROWN.



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