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Safety Nugget for Week of May 4 - Eyes on Hands, Eyes on Path< Back to Blog

May 20, 2015
By: K. McCarley
Categories: Safety

I liked this short Safety Note from Edwards Air Force Base.  The same risks apply when walking across the  street, up and own and flight of stairs or working in the kitchen. 

Eyes on Hands

When working, people should watch where their hands and fingers are at all times. Most injuries occur when workers look away from their task and end up pinching, slicing or otherwise injuring a finger. If people watch where their fingers are at all times, they should be able to prevent most of these injuries.

Eyes on Path
When moving large items, people should ensure their path is clear, and they should always watch where they are walking. If people watch their path of travel instead of talking on the cell phone or watching an aircraft in the sky, they are much more likely to make it to their destination without tripping, or worse, falling.

Safety experts at Edwards encourage everyone to think about keeping their eyes on their hands and on their path the next time they are trying to accomplish a task or even walking down the street. The safety of everyone is critical to the Team Edwards mission and that of the Air Force Flight Test Center!

I am guilty – once I slipped and fell going down the stairs.  I had one hand on the rail and the other on my cell phone.  There was a little water on the stairs, which made it slippery.  Looking back, this could have been a serious injury.  If I had my eyes on path I may have had better footing or caught myself. 

Some cities have even gone as far as posting signs to discourage cell phone sue while walking!