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Safety Nugget Week of April 2 - Domestic Violence Safety< Back to Blog

Apr 06, 2018
By: J. Randall
Categories: Safety



While in Phoenix, I had dinner with my cousin.She picked a restaurant about 15 minutes from the hotel.I scheduled my Uber driver and was treated with 15 minutes of knock-knock jokes.I enjoyed a wonderful meal and a few drinks.I scheduled another Uber driver to take me back to the hotel.Once in the car, he offered me candy.My initial thought was, I’m going to be rude if I don’t take the candy, so I accepted the candy.Then I realized what I had done…I took candy from a stranger, something as young children we are taught not to do.Now do I spit it out; no that is rude and if he is up to no good that might tip him off.I decided I would pull out my phone, just in case.I made it back to the hotel without issue but the experience stuck with me.What should have I done?

  1. Lie and say I don’t eat candy.
  2. Just say no thank you.
  3. Maybe skip the few drinks
  4. ??????

As we recognize April as Sexual Assault Awareness Month, please take some time to read more about the problem and the resources available.


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