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Safety Nugget Week of April 25 - Safety Perception< Back to Blog

Apr 25, 2016
By: J. Randall
Categories: Safety

Changing your perception of safety is not always an easy task.  I never have thought of myself as an unsafe person but since FRI’s safety initiative I have started looking at things differently.

My childhood was spent jumping out of two story barns and riding in the back of pick-up trucks.  The extent of our safety precautions was to jump one at a time, and sit down when the truck was in motion.  Looking back I know better but, my perception of what is an acceptable risk is deeply rooted.

At the FRI meetings it is not uncommon for most people to have a laptop.  Most hotels run power cords from the wall and place power strips along the inside part of the tables.  Leah or I walk through the room the morning of the first day to make sure adequate power strips are available and the room has been set according to our instructions.  One thing we have neglected to ensure is that all the cords are taped down.  My perception of what is safe directly affected my ability to consider what could happen.  In my mind I just assumed people would notice the cord on the floor and step over.   But, in reality people are often talking, picking up things from tables, distracted by phones, bags, etc. that tripping over a cord is a real hazard. 

My commitment to learning to be a safer person continues.  You can count on cords being taped down at the meetings and if you notice one that isn’t, intervene.