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Safety Nugget week of August 15 - Corrosion Under Insulation< Back to Blog

Aug 18, 2016
By: M. Cavett
Categories: Safety

FRI is currently in the process of replacing the insulation at the unit.  During the 2016 turnaround, we replaced the majority of the insulation on the ground level and first deck.  Once the insulation was removed, there were several spots that displayed evidence of corrosion under insulation, or CUI, which resulted in several piping projects at the unit. 

Over the next several years, we will work our way up to the top of the unit replacing the insulation and looking for more locations affected by CUI.   

There is a Process Safety Beacon published by AIChE that provides tips on how to detect CUI.

  • Know what strutures and equipment in your process have the potential for under insulation corrosion.
    • Check low points where moisture might accumulate
  • Be aware of and look for signs of hidden corrosion:
    • Rust stains or discoloring
    • Bulges, blisters or bubbles
    • Small leaks, drips or wisps of vapor or odors
  • Inspect - look, but don't touch.
    • If you disturb a severly corroded area, a leak may occur.  Plan inspections and, when necessary, shut down systems before removing corrosion.

Click here to read the full Process Safety Beacon.


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