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Safety Nugget week of August 22 - Active Shooter Preparedess< Back to Blog

Aug 25, 2016
By: L. Brown
Categories: Safety

Last week my husband told me about a safety lunch and learn he had been to that day. The Washington County Sheriff’s office had come in and talked about Active Shooter Preparedness. Deputies went through several scenarios for public locations and at home.  The US Department of Homeland Security says, “Active shooter incidents, in many cases, have no pattern or method to the selection of victims, which results in an unpredictable and evolving situation.” The Department of Homeland Security has a short informative video available. According to the government Planning and Response to an Active Shooter guide, staff members should be trained to:

•leave personal belongings behind;

•put their hands in the air to signal that they are unarmed to law enforcement responders;

•visualize possible escape routes, including physically accessible routes for occupants, visitors, or staff with disabilities and others with access and functional needs;

•avoid escalators and elevators; and

•take others with them but not stay behind because others refuse to leave.

Finally, call 911 when safe to do so.


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