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Aug 30, 2017
By: L. Brown
Categories: Safety


There have been two incidents I have witnessed since the first day of school.  The first one was in Stillwater and I when I came up behind them I was in shock. I was lucky enough to snap this picture when they pulled into the convenience store and while I was at the stoplight.  Yes, they did strap the mattress in but look at the kid riding on the back with the tailgate down. 

The second was at a crosswalk across a busy street in Bartlesville.  Three children were crossing the street for school and didn’t get all the way across before the light changed.  The cars in front took off and the three middle school children all ran in different directions screaming.  They were terrified and so was I.

Defensive and cautious driving is a must in the busy world we live in.  Don’t let other people or objects in the car distract you while behind the wheel.


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