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Safety Nugget Week of August 3 - Drug Interactions: What You Should Know< Back to Blog

Aug 12, 2015
By: L. Brown
Categories: Safety

Did you know that over the counter vitamins that are said to be healthy for you and even food can have an effect on medications you already take?

The FDA states there are more opportunities today than ever before to learn about your health and to take better care of yourself. It is also more important than ever to know about the medicines you take. If you take several different medicines, see more than one doctor, or have certain health conditions, you and your doctors need to be aware of all the medicines you take. Doing so will help you to avoid potential problems such as drug interactions.

Talk to your doctor and pharmacist about the drugs you take. When your doctor prescribes a new drug, discuss all OTC and prescription drugs, dietary supplements, vitamins, botanicals, minerals and herbals you take, as well as the foods you eat. Ask your pharmacist for the package insert for each prescription drug you take. The package insert provides more information about potential drug interactions.

For more information and a list of questions you should ask before starting a new medication go to the FDA website.



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