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Safety Nugget Week of August 31- Caring For Your Irreplaceable Eyes< Back to Blog

Sep 04, 2015
By: K. McCarley
Categories: Safety

I’m sure any of you who own an expensive movie or video camera takes really good care of it.  You wouldn’t drop it on the sidewalk, wipe its lens with sandpaper, splash acid on it, or toss it into a bin full of objects with sharp edges.  That’s just common sense.  Why, then, do some workers treat their personal cameras—the irreplaceable eyes—as if they were less valuable than the man-made imitations?

Eyes must be protected because there is no substitute that can take their place once they are destroyed or severely damaged.  The cornea that shields the eye is capable of out-performing the best optics ever produced, but it is paper-thin and delicate, so must be safeguarded diligently.

  • The first commandment of eye protection in the work place is to use proper eye and face protection for the situation.  Safety glasses with side shields protect your eyes from unexpected flying debris.  Safety goggles and face shields provide additional protection for your eyes while welding, grinding and working around chemicals.

Here are some other tips on how to save your precious sight:

  • If you must remove your glasses while working, turn the machine or tool off first.
  • Never wear cracked, pitted, or otherwise damaged glasses or goggles; turn them in for a new pair.
  • Avoid looking directly into any source of brilliant or potentially harmful light unless your eyes are shielded.
  • Wipe your face and eyes with clean hands only, to avoid transferring any particles of dirt or other material to the eyes.
  • Have your eyes checked annually.
  • Seek medical attention if injury or exposure to chemicals is suspected.

Perhaps you have some other ideas to share on things we can do — or avoid doing — at work and at home, to protect those priceless, irreplaceable cameras - our eyes.


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