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Safety Nugget Week of February 12 - Be Smart and Safe during the Oklahoma Burn Ban< Back to Blog

Feb 12, 2018
By: J. Redden
Categories: Safety

I drive a lot during any week.  These past few weeks I have been noticing more and more spots that have been blackened by fire.  Oklahoma’s burn ban was expanded this week to include 12 more counties than the ban that was issued on January 30.

With the burn ban in place, we need to be mindful when using anything that could ignite dried vegetation.  This mindfulness needs to be practiced at home or at work. The Oklahoma Forestry Service provided this information for the ban.  The information from the link provides guidelines and exemptions for the burn ban relating to activities that might cause ignition.

Some of the activities addressed include:

  • Equipment related to road construction projects
  • Welding/cutting torch/grinding activities
  • Oilfield and landfill activities
  • Storm and land clearing debris
  • Campfires and outdoor cooking

Hopefully with the weather that is moving in during this next week, we will be closer to the end of the burn ban.


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