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Safety Nugget Week of July 13 - Avoiding Electrical Hazards in the Office and Home< Back to Blog

Jul 14, 2015
By: T. Cai
Categories: Safety

When you are looking around your office and home, there is high volume of electrical equipment that can expose you to serious electrical hazards, including shocks, burns and fire.  

Electrical accidents that occur in an office or home environment are usually a result of faulty or defective equipment, unsafe installation, or misuse of equipment – specifically, extension cords, power strips and surge protectors.

To protect against electrical incidents, Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI) recommends:

  • Even when using a surge protector, make sure the electrical load is not too much for the circuit.
  • Avoid overloading outlets with too many appliances. Never plug in more than one high-wattage appliance at a time.
  • Unplug appliances when not in use to save energy and minimize the risk of shock and fire.
  • Inspect electrical cords once a month to ensure they are not frayed, cracked or otherwise damaged.
  • Do not run electrical cords through high-traffic areas, under carpets or across doorways.
  • Consider having a licensed electrician install additional outlets where needed, rather than relying on extension cords and power strips.
  • Ensure all electrical equipment is certified by a nationally recognized laboratory, and read all manufacturers’ instructions carefully.

More information on office electrical safety can be found from the following link: