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Safety Nugget Week of July 17 - Cybersecurity and PSM < Back to Blog

Jul 19, 2017
By: T. Cai
Categories: Safety

Cybersecurity and PSM

Cybersecurity has been on the news a lot recently, ranged from the credit card record breaches to national elections etc.   

The cybersecurity not only affects our daily activities, but also affects the chemical process industry (CPI) that is also vulnerable to cyberattacks.

 For chemical process industries, it is very important to incorporate the industrial cybersecurity into Process Safety Management (PSM),

such as risk assessment, process hazard analysis (PHA), and management of change (MOC).  

The critical control equipment and data servers in the process should be included in the PHA. 

Cybersecurity should be considered in MOC, and be included in the safety trainings and safety procedures.


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