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Safety Nugget Week of July 2 - 4th of July Celebration Safety< Back to Blog

Jul 02, 2018
By: J. Redden
Categories: Safety


I hosted a 4th of July gathering a couple years ago that included setting off home fireworks.  Being outside city limits, our neighborhood had several houses that were doing the same.  We noticed the neighbors a couple houses over setting out their impressive collection of fireworks on a large table.  It wasn’t long after the fireworks started at the different houses that we heard some yelling and looked over to watch as all of the fireworks that had been stored on their table went off at the same time.  Nobody got hurt and that was a good outcome for the dangerous situation.

Here are some safety tips from the American Pyrotechnics Association has for people that are legally allowed to set off fireworks at their home and choose to do so.  I’ve listed just a few of the items.  You can follow this link to view all of their tips:

  • Read and follow directions on the labels.
  • Keep spectators at a safe distance.
  • Always wear safety glasses when igniting fireworks.
  • Never place any part of your body directly over a firework device.
  • Have a working garden hose or bucket of water handy.

NFPA suggests forgoing consumer fireworks and attending public shows.

Have a safe and happy 4th of July!



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