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Safety Nugget Week of July 23 - Air Conditioner Safety< Back to Blog

Jul 23, 2018
By: T. Cai
Categories: Safety



Air conditioners are what people rely on to keep their homes and offices cool in the hot summer. If the air conditioner is not properly used and maintained,it could potentially pose a safety hazard. According to a 2016 report by the National Fire Protection Association, air conditioners cause an average of 20 deaths,

140 injuries, and $82 million in property damage annually.When it comes to air conditioner safety, you have to make sure you turn off the power switch when performing basic maintenance such as changing filters,clearing debris from the outdoor unit or dusting off the evaporator coils. It’s best to have a qualified, licensed electrician service any electrical issue you may be having.

Air conditioning units should be inspected regularly to make sure they’re not only safe, but also that potential issues can be caught early to avoid costly repair.Preventative maintenance will nearly always save you money in the long run. Teach children to stay far away from your indoor and outdoor air conditioning units.

While the units are protected by covers, it can be very dangerous and damaging if anyone tries to stick anything through the grills.

Rising temperatures outside can cause air conditioning units overworked and overheated, and the heat buildup can catch nearby combustibles on fire, which can be prevented through proper maintenance.

Changing the filter and ensuring adequate power supply to the unit are two safety measures that can help avoid potential problems.

Avoiding the use of extension cords or power strips is very important as they can be overheated and start a fire. Make sure the air conditioner unit is clear of any combustible material within a minimum 3-foot clearance around the unit.


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