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Safety Nugget Week of July 27 - Hearing Conservation< Back to Blog

Aug 03, 2015
By: A. Vennavelli
Categories: Safety

Keep in mind that exposure to high levels of noise can cause permanent hearing loss. Neither surgery nor a hearing aid can help correct this type of hearing loss.  Short term exposure to loud noise can also cause a temporary change in hearing (your ears may feel stuffed up) or a ringing in your ears (tinnitus).  These short-term problems may go away within a few minutes or hours after leaving the noisy area.  However, repeated exposures to loud noise can lead to permanent tinnitus and/or hearing loss.

Noise may be a problem if:

  • You hear ringing or humming in your ears
  • You have to shout to be heard by a coworker an arm's length away.
  • You experience temporary hearing loss

FRI provides hearing protection devices to use at work and also for personal use outside of work.

More information about hearing protection is available here:



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