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Safety Nugget Week of June 26 - Everyone has something to contribute< Back to Blog

Jun 26, 2017
By: A. Vennavelli
Categories: Safety

Everyone has something to contribute


This month’s AIChE process safety beacon reminds us that each of us brings a unique perspective to safety, and it is important for us to fully engage, participate and contribute.

The beacon describes an incident in which the cause for failure of a steam pipe was incorrectly attributed to erosion, until an experienced machinist in the team recognized the real cause of failure –improper boring, and that the lines observed on the failed pipe were tool marks from a boring tool. The knowledge of the machinist completely changed the conclusion of the investigation, and was essential to determining the true cause.

The take away from the beacon is this – everyone has something to contribute to an incident investigation or other process safety management activities – if a point of discussion does not sound consistent with your experience, speak up and make sure it is resolved to your satisfaction.


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