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Safety Nugget Week of June 6 - Safe Car Practices< Back to Blog

Jun 09, 2016
By: M. Cavett
Categories: Safety

Vehicle incidents occur for a variety of reasons.  Since starting with FRI I have noticed that several of us drive from the office to the testing facility several times a day.  A couple of practices that I have learned from a previous company are performing a 360 degree inspection on your vehicle prior to entering and limiting the amount of times you have the back out of a parking spot.

The 360 degree lesson is meant to engage the driver in the potential hazards that the driver needs to be aware of prior to driving.  Hazards may include items in your driving path such as parking bollards, animals, people, etc., or they could be vehicle maintenance issues such as low tire pressure.  There was a powerful story that was frequently told about a worker who performed a 360 around his vehicle and then proceeded to work on something inside his truck for an extended period of time.  The worker decided to perform another 360 around his work vehicle and found a child sitting behind his vehicle. 

Backing into or out of parking spots can be a high risk time for a vehicle incident.  Visibility is much less especially in trucks.  A couple of techniques can be used to reduce the risk.  One practice is to get out of the vehicle and check for hazards prior to backing out or in to a parking location.  If a passenger is in the car, ask him or her to help you by directing you into or out of the parking location.  Take advantage of parking locations that allow you the possibility to pull through and park facing forward.

Although these techniques may require an additional amount of time, they can reduce the likelihood of experiencing avoidable vehicle incidents.


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