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Safety Nugget Week of March 27 - How to Avoid Getting Sick When the Weather Changes< Back to Blog

Mar 20, 2017
By: C. Wang
Categories: Safety



March is the month that spring comes; however, it can also bring flu and sickness. The drastic day-to-day change in temperature somehow messes up your immune system, the thinking goes, making you more vulnerable to viruses. Viruses also become more abundant as they thrive in the cooler spring and fall air.

Here are six ways to help prevent the spring cold and flu from slowing you down.

  1. Dress properly

The trick to avoiding a spring cold is dressing for the actual temperature outside and not letting spring fever compel you to go to work in a sundress and sandals. Wear layers you can remove if it does warm up in the afternoon, then put back on again if you're out in the evening and the air is chilly. Keep a winter hat and scarf at work or in your car in case temps plunge, and if you're working up a sweat outdoors, remember that it's not quite summer, so pants and long sleeves are still smart.

  1. Wash your hands often

While this may seem like common sense, many of us don’t wash our hands after sneezing or touching desks, which is especially important during this time.

  1. Get plenty of fluids

You know drinking water is good for you. When you’re sick, fluids become even more important. This is because we become dehydrated when sick, which also means avoiding caffeine is essential. While sipping coffee when sick is a no-no, make sure you get plenty of other fluids such as soup, broth, tea, and sports drinks.

  1. Get some exercise

If a cold does get you, don’t go out and do Cross Fit, TRX, or any other high-intensity workout. Instead, keep it light to moderate, such as yoga or walking. It is reported that doing light activity can help improve common cold symptoms as long as the symptoms are above the neck.

  1. Get enough sleep

With your busy schedule, this may seem impossible. Don’t skip those hours – they’re vital to overall health, not just during the season changes. Medical Daily suggests not only getting enough sleep, but also having a regular sleep pattern.

  1. Use a humidifier

Not only will it keep your airways from drying out in the winter and spring, it keeps hair and skin hydrated as well. Many humidifiers have a place for essential oils too. A few ideas are using eucalyptus oil if you feel like you are getting sick or lavender oil to make your room smell yummy.

So, enjoy the spring and the pretty flower buds, sunnier days!  Don’t let the spring flu slow you down.


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