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Safety Nugget Week of March 5 - Boiler Safety< Back to Blog

Mar 05, 2018
By: T. Cai
Categories: Safety


For the current MD6/7 test program, additional boiler capacity is needed.  That is why we have a retinal boiler on site to provide more steam to the reboilers. The rental boiler will be on site at least for next two month.  This safety nugget is trying to remind us the boiler safety.

In most facilities, boilers are the device with the most potential for disaster.  The boiler is on the top of the FRI critical equipment. There are four major categories of catastrophic failures with the boiler: melt down due to low water level conditions,thermal shock caused by water flashes, combustion explosions, and high steam pressure due to excessive steam buildup. 

Following are some of the operational measures to ensure boiler safety:

  1. Communication is critical.  Boiler operation information needs to be communicated between shifts;
  2. Log the boiler operation information regularly. The boiler log can be used to identify a potential malfunction;
  3. Water level monitoring is very crucial to the boiler safety.  The Normal Operating Water Level (NOWL) should be approximately in the middle of the side glass;  
  4. Water must be treated for safety.  Minerals can result in a buildup of deposits and cause over heating of boiler parts;
  5. Boiler blowdowns need to be conducted regularly to avoid high concentration of impurities during continuing evaporation of steam;
  6. Pumps and other moving machinery need to be checked periodically for any unusual noise, leakages, and vibrations.
  7. Others…..

More information on the boiler hazards and safety can be found the website of The National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors


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