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Safety Nugget Week of May 21 - Improve Communications during Work in Confined Spaces< Back to Blog

May 21, 2018
By: K. Mccarley
Categories: Safety


FRI recently implemented the use of Bluetooth headsets during revamps.  It’s not unusual for our installation team to spend several hours at a time in a Column.  The headsets were mainly envisioned to improve communications between the installers and Hole Watch attendant.  The Hole Watch is responsible for oversight of safety, as well as organizing tools and parts for the installers.  The safety and efficiency improvements are obvious after observing their work, with and without headsets.

  • The installation team communicate with each other and the Hole Watch in normal speaking voices, rather than yelling, and hear each other clearly.

  • An emergency could be communicated more quickly and clearly to workers inside the column.

  • The team are not distracted by chatter from other workers on the two-way radios used elsewhere around the unit.

  • The Bluetooth headsets are hands free facilitating better communications, and they do not get in the way.

  • The headsets are noise cancelling, which improves hearing safety.

This has been very successful and very popular with the installation team.

Sena SPH10 Bluetooth Helmetless Headset Intercom


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