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Safety Nugget Week of May 23 - Lightning Storm Safety< Back to Blog

May 27, 2016
By: T. Cai
Categories: Safety

Lightning Storm Safety

Summer is coming soon, and/or is already here.

Most lighting storms occur in the summer.

Light storms are one of the deadliest and most widespread weather occurrences in the world.

Lightning can be fatal or cause severe burns, neurological trauma and other complications. 

The safest place to be during a lightning storm is inside a relatively large, fully enclosed building.  

When Indoors: 

  • Do not use telephones, headphones or electrical appliances during the storm (Using cell phone is OK)
  • Unplug expensive electronic devices
  • Avoid taking a bath, shower or do dishes
  • Stay away from windows, doors and exterior walls
  • Be inside for 30 minutes after the last lightning strikes

When Outdoors:

 If you have to be at outdoor locations, 

  • Avoid bodies of water, open areas, high ground, tall objects
  • Avoid small shelters or pavilions in open areas
  • Do not stay in shelter under trees
  • Minimize the area of your body for lighting to hit. Do not lie down
  • Use hearing protection
  • If driving, pull off the road and stay in your vehicle with the windows and doors closed

Stay safe and have a safe and great summer!



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