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Safety Nugget Week of November 22 - Drug Overdose Safety< Back to Blog

Nov 22, 2016
By: L. Brown
Categories: Safety

We recently voted on the topic of how to deal with drug related crimes in Oklahoma.  I don’t want to get into how you voted. But I would like take a moment to remind everyone to clean out their medicine cabinet and destroy any unused prescription pain killers. Keeping these medications out of the reach of others is extremely important.

“Fewer Americans are dying young from preventable causes of death,” CDC director Dr. Tom Frieden said. “Tragically, deaths from overdose are increasing because of the opioid epidemic, and there are still large differences between states in all preventable causes of death, indicating that many more lives can be saved through use of prevention and treatment available today.”

If you find yourself or a family member in the doctor’s office or ER, and a prescription pain medication is given, you can ask the doctor for the prescription to be the least addictive item that he feels will help the situation.  Let’s all be safe and keep our families safe.


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