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Safety Nugget Week of November 5 - Stroke Symptoms< Back to Blog

Nov 05, 2018
By: L. Brown
Categories: Safety

Stroke Symptoms

My mom called last week and was telling me a story of the previous evening.  She received a call from her neighbor who thought someone was inside her house. She asked my mother to come over and help her. When my mother got to her house, the neighbor was alone but there was obviously something wrong. She couldn’t figure out what it was. She thought of a stroke but the neighbor had no slurred speech so she dismissed that, helped her check out the house and got her back to bed. When she called to check on her the following morning she found out she was in the hospital from a stroke.

The American Stroke Association says sometimes other symptoms appear, separately, in combination or with F.A.S.T. signs. Just because there is no slurred speech doesn’t mean you are not suffering from a stroke. If unsure visit the ER or call 911. For more information visit the American Stroke Association.



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