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Safety Nugget Week of November 6 - Driving at Night in Deer Country< Back to Blog

Nov 09, 2017
By: J. Bravo
Categories: Safety


Automobile and deer collisions are a frequent but dangerous event on US roads they are devastating to the deer pf course but can also be lethal for drivers. Here are some pointers to reduce your chances of hitting a deer

  1. Deer congregate on the aide of roads because there is more and better food there. Highway easements get more moisture because of the runoff from the road and the absence of stock males the grass lusher. Keep attention to the sides at night
  2. Deer are unpredictable. Even if you see them on the side you should slow down and be prepared for them to dart out. If they do, Brake evenly and do not attempt to maneuver around. Keep vehicle straight. Lift off the brakes just as you are about to hit the deer. This raises the front of the car and reduces the chances of a deer in the windshield
  3. If you have the misfortune to hit a deer do not attempt any aid for it. Keep away from it and the road. Actually, if your car is drivable you should drive away. It is also illegal to take the deer in any condition with you
  4. If the airbags deploy you should stop off the road and call for assistance.


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