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Safety Nugget Week of November 9 - Sleep Insufficiency< Back to Blog

Nov 16, 2015
By: J. Redden
Categories: Safety

Getting enough sleep can affect many aspects of a person’s day.  Some of these aspects can be a person’s mood and how well a person performs his or her job.  Industrial Safety & Hygiene News (IS&HN) posted a blog (OSHA has no regulation for sleep deprivation – but you must know who is fit for duty) regarding the ways that sleep insufficiency can interfere with a person’s job performance through impeded judgment, lack of manual dexterity, and lack of alertness.  Employees wear PPE and work to have situational awareness on the job, but severe sleep insufficiency could be “as dangerous as alcoholic impairment”.

The CDC website has an article “Insufficient Sleep is a Public Health Problem” that provides some sleep hygiene tips for better sleep:

  •        Go to bed at the same time each night and rise at the same time each morning.
  •        Avoid large meals before bedtime.
  •        Avoid caffeine and alcohol close to bedtime.
  •        Avoid nicotine.

These tips work well for 8-5 employees, but what about employees doing shift work?  The IS&HN blog provides additional tips, including:

  •        Improve your day sleep environment
  •        Catch up on sleep on your days off
  •        Learn to catnap
  •        Sleep longer during the day when you have a night rotation or tour of duty



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