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Safety Nugget Week of October 16 - How to Make Your Furniture Safe for Kids< Back to Blog

Oct 17, 2017
By: C. Wang
Categories: Safety


I just heard this heartbreaking news yesterday “Jozef Dudek had just been put down for a nap at home in Buena Park, Calif., when his father went to check on him — and made a horrifying discovery: The 2-year-old was crushed under an Ikea dresser and could not be revived.” Many of us have lovely kids or grandkids at home, and no one wants them to be in such danger. I find the following tips that may be helpful:

  • Prevent TV set tip-over, place televisions on units that are specifically designed to hold them, not unstable cabinets or tables. Make sure they're low to the ground and pushed back as far to the back of the stand as possible.
  • Install straps that anchor the unit on the stand or attach them to the wall to keep them stable. And keep things that attract kids--like toys or the TV remote--out of sight.
  • Other furniture can also tip-over. A table or cabinet can tip over easily especially if it's already going in the wrong direction. Look for furniture with a solid base and wide-legs to keep them well balanced. Even toddlers have managed to pull over heavy objects. If you have any doubt whether an object is stable enough, just go ahead and anchor it to the wall.
  • Teach your kids never to climb on drawers, never to hang on drawers and also never open two drawers at one time. It just doubles the chances that it's gonna go forward.
  • Glass tables are another hidden danger. Injuries usually occur when kids sit or fall on glass tables. Shattered glass and jagged pieces can cause serious injuries. You may want to reconsider that glass table, at least until the kids are bigger.


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