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Safety Nugget Week of September 12 - Can You Recognize The Change?< Back to Blog

Sep 15, 2016
By: A. Vennavelli
Categories: Safety

FRI has recently completed a thorough review of its PSM policies and procedures including MOC procedures, and the role of employees in recognizing changes and initiating the MOC process.


This recent article from the September 2016 CEP magazine is a reminder that it is important to recognize changes – in the plant and around the workplace in general.

The article presents a 2014 fire incident on a passenger vessel as a result of not recognizing a change in parts during repair, and provides useful tips for process plants.

The key takeaway is to learn how to recognize changes in procedures, equipment, instrumentation, controls, process control computer software, materials, and safety systems.


The article aptly states that you can’t manage a change that nobody has recognized!


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