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Safety Nugget Week of September 24 - Seasonal Shifts: How to Prepare Your Body for Fall< Back to Blog

Sep 26, 2018
By: C. Wang
Categories: Safety

As the temperature starts to fall, colorful leaves of autumn start to appear, and the rituals of a new school year get underway, you may notice summer is over. It is not uncommon for your body to experience changes with the seasons: Aches, pains, trouble sleeping, allergies and other issues can surface. 

To help ease your body into fall, try these helpful tips:

Fight the Flu. While flu season officially starts in winter, it can strike in fall, and this is the time to be proactive. As a general rule, it's best not to wait until you get sick to take care of yourself.

Rest Up. Many people experience sleep difficulties during seasonal changes, and getting enough sleep is especially crucial at this time.

Boost your immune system. Some of the favorite natural immune-boosters are: to drink plenty of fresh water, eat plenty of alive (living) raw foods, garlic, lysine, probiotics, Vitamins B, C and D, E3 Live, reishi mushroom, zinc, propolis and Manuka honey.

Another powerful way to boost your immune system and keep strong is to use the power of gentle exercise. This brings us to the next point.

Embrace gentle movements. One way you can keep moving during the cooler season is to bring your activity inside: bounce on a rebounder, do yoga at home, swim, or go to the gym. Find an enjoyable way to gently move your body, so that this year you keep yourself fit and healthy.

Live aligned with the season. Autumn is a nice time to slow down and enjoy some internal reflection. Allow this season to be a chance to nurture yourself by eating fresh seasonal foods and living in alignment with nature. 


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