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Safety Nugget Week of September 4 - Products of Distillation< Back to Blog

Sep 07, 2017
By: J. Bravo
Categories: Safety


Uses for products of Distillation that you never thought can help with safety when a catastrophe happens

  1. Combating poisonous snakes:  keep a Windex bottle with diesel fuel (gasoline maybe) and use it to spray snakes in the face.  They will go away and you get rid of them without handling them.  The people that get bit by snakes are the ones that handle them 95% of the time.  Unprovoked attacks are rare but you need to keep them away for the sake of pets and kids.
  2. Ethanol (in moderation clearly) can relax you and avoid some of the bad effects of stress.  But the trick, is that you need to really have only one drink for it to be helpful.  More and you actually descend on the Safety Ladder.
  3. Asphalt is actually a very good waterproofing compound that can stave off water intrusion and actually is a major component of roofing systems.
  4. Gasoline gives you mobility to get out of harm’s way.

So on and so on.  Thanks to Distillation for helping keep us safe.


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