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Safety Nugget Week of September 7 - Save Your Knuckles When Using A Wrench!< Back to Blog

Sep 10, 2015
By: K. McCarley
Categories: Safety

Serious injuries can be prevented by practicing good ergonomics while using hand tools.  Read the following tips to avoid injuries when a wrench slips while working on a pipe or fitting.

  • Check wrenches, pipes or fittings for wear and make sure they are clean and oil free to prevent slippage.
  • Ensure that you have a stable body position to prevent tripping or falling in case of slippage.
  • Always keep your wrist straight while using a wrench.
  • Be sure that the opening of the wrench is in full contact with the bolt, nut or pipe before you apply pressure.
  • Don’t use a pipe on the end of a wrench to improve leverage.
  • When placing the wrench on your nut, the adjustable jaw should be located on the side towards which the rotation is to be performed. This puts the pressure on the fixed jaw.
  • Pull, don’t push, using a slow-steady motion. This ensures you don’t bark a knuckle whenever the wrench slips off the fastener. If you do need to push a wrench, use the heel of your hand, that way if the wrench slips, you won’t hurt yourself. 



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