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Safety Nuggett Week of September 18 - Fine-Tune Interim PSM Audits< Back to Blog

Sep 14, 2017
By: K. McCarley
Categories: Safety

Fine-Tune Interim PSM Audits:

OSHA recently published a report on Process Safety Management (PSM) for Refineries

This document highlights areas of the Process Safety Management standard (PSM) where OSHA issued the most citations during the Petroleum Refinery Process Safety Management National Emphasis Program (NEP). The report provides a brief discussion on each area of weakness, with examples that are helpful for identifying additional ideas for interim PSM audits. 

These areas include:

  Process Safety Information (PSI)

  Process Hazards Analysis (PHA)

  Operating Procedures

  Mechanical Integrity (MI)

  Management of Change (MOC)




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