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Summer Heat Approaches - Are You Ready?< Back to Blog

Jul 01, 2014
By: T. Thurber
Categories: Safety Members

Summer officially started on June 21, 2014 and the temperatures around the nation are starting to climb. It's time to start thinking about the dangers of heat stress for our employees.  

Educating management on the dangers of heat stress and understanding how temperature and humidity along with the wind affect the human body while working, can greatly reduce work place injuries and loss time.

Some lesser known facts about how the heat can cause harm on the job:

  • Fogging of safety glasses - this often results in the employee removing the protective eye wear or causes them to drop and/or misaligned items. It could even impede vision while driving heavy machinery, like say a forklift.

  • Sweaty palms - can cause employees to drop objects. 

  • Loss of concentration - it is harder to focus on the task at hand when you are hot. Often workers get angry or flustered.

For further information regarding the dangers of heat stress, please see the articles below.


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