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Feb 24, 2015
By: M. Simms
Categories: Safety Members

At FRI, we love visitors!  Over the years, we’ve had Members, potential Members, university students and other colleagues tour our facilities. If you have not been on a tour of our facilities recently, here is a look at what you can expect to see.

Safety first!  Safety is of upmost importance to the staff at FRI.  So before the tour can begin, we will have a safety briefing.

During this briefing, you will receive Personal Protective Equipment that should be worn during the entire tour.  Before arriving for a tour at FRI, we encourage you to wear non-permeable shoes with slip resistant soles and be prepared to climb a few flights of stairs.

After the safety briefing, you will be taken through the unit equipment.  Here you will see the boiler, heat exchangers, cooling tower, pumps, pressure valves and control valves.  Next we will move you on to the control room.  The tour guide will show you the control system and analytical instrumentation. You can expect to see one of FRI operators working hard controlling pressure and flow rates.  The operator must keep an eye on the cooling tower and temperature spread, as well as adjusting the heating being distributed to the unit.

From the control room, you will move on to the lab.  In the lab, you will see active testing of unit data. During a typical operation, we will collect experimental data.  This would include temperature and pressure drop measurements as well as gamma scanning.

Moving on from the lab, you might be taken up on the actual unit decking to possibly take a peek inside our one of kind observation windows.  FRI is known for a variety of observation windows, whether it be on the column itself or on the reboiler.

If you make it to the very top of the decking, you will see the beautiful town of Stillwater, OK. 

We hope you enjoyed your brief tour of FRI.  We would love for you to come and see us in person.  If your company is interested in a tour of FRI that can be tailored to your interests, please contact us at