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What should you expect from FRI in 2014?< Back to Blog

Jan 14, 2014
By: M. Simms

With the start of every new year, all of us look back to see what we have accomplished while at the same time looking forward to a great new year ahead. We are grateful to have completed another year of research at FRI.  Thanks to all of our employees hard work, we have made some huge successes in 2013.

In 2014, we are hoping to have even more new strides in our research. FRI’s largest project in 2014 will be the testing of high-specific-surface-area structured packing. At least 4 different liquid distributors will be employed to see how many pour points (per square meter) are required to achieve optimum performance. 

As of the first week of January, FRI had a new peak of 80 Members!  We are hopeful that our current correspondence will lead to several more new members in 2014. 

Training sessions have been booked for three new Members to participate in our New Member Training Program in 2014.  This is a great precedent for FRI!  We have found that Members who participate in this program are on path to receive every possible benefit from their FRI Membership. Members are also familiarized with all of the recent important additions to DRP.  Well trained Members are happy Members!

We hope all of you will join us for another great year at FRI!




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